The Power of Community

The Women in Fitness Association is the global non for profit association bringing together women in the fitness industry.  Our remarkable resources, reliable support and commitment to go above and beyond are unparalleled and keep our community growing every day. Keep reading to learn more about what we have to offer!

Why Do We Exist?

As the women in leadership supporting our industry let's create a space to talk about our issues, our initiatives, and what matters to us in our world.

The vision for our association is that every woman professionally representing our industry can find her place and rise to her fullest potential!


Our aim is to see more women in the board room, championing each other to achieve,

sharing success through collaboration.


Together we create a place where young women entering our space can find mentorship and for every seasoned veteran to have an impact on her peers that ripples out to affect the masses.

Unified, we are unstoppable!

So let's team up, link arms, and address the issues specific to women and our industry.


Our Doors are Open

As a member of The Women in Fitness Association, you’ll have exposure to our vibrant global network along with a wealth of knowledge and experience you can’t find anywhere else. Our community is tight-knit, but incredibly welcoming.

Partner & Event Sponsor

WIFA has designed a specific opportunity for organizations wanting to be involved beyond the executive membership level.



WIFA membership benefits for individual professionals include:

  • Quarterly virtual meetings

  • Annual live meeting

  • Quarterly mentorship pairing

  • Networking

  • Featured on the WIFA website

  • Speaking and presenting opportunities

  • Blog contribution  

Scholarship programs and financial assistance available.

Apply Today.

If you are a woman working in fitness this membership is perfect for you!


What our Members are Saying

Amy Thompson

Encouragement, insight and inspiration are a few of the words I would use to describe what I get from my WIFA membership.

WIFA has been an important resource for me in connecting with other leaders in the industry. We share our best practices, our challenges and we collaborate to further the industry.


The webinars, the Mentorship, the events and the women have been instrumental in my recent growth as a fitness business leader.  #fitnessismybusiness 

Michelle Moses

Let's be honest, in any business it is and always has been "who you know". Education, experience and talent aside we all need a foot in, hand up and support. This is what WIFA has been for me.


In the short time I've been a member I have increased my global connections in the fitness industry by 20% across all platforms just by using the Member Resources alone!


My favorite right now are the webinars/virtual meetings that help me learn so much as I grow my personal fitness brand.


I'm getting my name out there and WIFA is helping me. Thanks WIFA!members for years to come.

Carolyn Erickson

I have never had a mentor and it is so much fun! Because of Debra I applied to speak at IHRSA. I would never have done that if it wasn't for the mentor program.

We are all busy women and I am a single mom, so taking the time to have a real conversation with Debra was really great!

Member Events

The Women in Fitness Association facilitate virtual and live events to support it's members with useful information to help promote their professional growth.  All of our meetings are "crowd voted" topics, so we make sure we are talking about what matters most to you.

A few topics up for vote now include:
Women in Leadership | Dress and Unspoken Expectations | Group Fitness Pay | Roles Inside the Club | Mothers and Careers | How to Negotiate Pay | Starting Your Own Business  | Leadership Development  

Join our Membership to be able to vote up our next topic! 

Board of Directors


Debra Siena 

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Kristen Green

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Maureen Hagan

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Sara Kooperman

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Sarah Pellegrino

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Emma Barry

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Amira Polack

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Rebecca Cofod

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Paula Comfort

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Corporate Partners

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Event Sponsors 


WIFA Members



About the Founder


Lindsey is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The Women in Fitness Association.  She formed the association from a place of pure intention to partner women across the globe.  Together, we all rise to reach our fullest potential.  With the help of the board of directors, ambassadors, support squad and community, Lindsey helps us bring our mission into being everyday. 

To learn more about Lindsey, Click here to see her full bio

Click here to listen to Lindsey share about WIFA

WIFA Support Squad

Morgan is the Manager of all things WIFA. From member support to event planning she is our go to woman! Morgan supports Lindsey to keep the association humming.

Chevonne is the wonderful WIFA Intern. She assists Morgan with an assortment of very important tasks.

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